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Automated Gates Cardiff
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Automatic Gates Cardiff
Automatic Gates Cardiff
Burglar Alarms Cardiff
Deter intruders with a
tailor-made automated
gate for your home
Nothing deters intruders as much as a solid security gate. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current gate with something more substantial, or wish to automate a driveway gate for ease of use, here at Protectorcomms Residential we have the experience to exceed your expectations. We only use quality parts and equipment so from day one, you can rest assured you're in the safest of hands.
Gates Cardiff
Whether you are looking for a new or updated gate, sliding
or swinging, we are confident you'll find the perfect style.
Automated Gates Cardiff
"Complete your home security
with one of our stunning
automated gates..."
Protectorcomms Installation Engineer
Which gate suits your needs most?
We understand every home is different, in size, heritage and complexity. Whilst many of our automation systems are similar to
ensure reliability, our gates can be completely tailor-made for your home, from the style to the materials used.
Automated Gates Cardiff
Find the perfect driveway
gate for your home with
our step-by-step guide
We have an unrivalled range of automations, gate styles and features to choose from - however, we know it can sometimes be confusing and a little overwhelming if you're unsure what you actually need. We've compiled
some basic information below so you can begin to choose which gate will
suit your home. From here, we can begin to look at possible options and
organise for one of our friendly engineers to meet you at your home
for a quick survey.
Automated Gates Cardiff
Follow the steps below and we'll open your eyes to
the possibilities of Gate Automation
We have unrivalled experience in gate automation across Cardiff
Which gate suits your needs most?
A driveway gate welcomes visitors to the home and provides a first line of defence against unwanted intruders. We can provide details on both our ranges of Metal and Timber gates so you can find the perfect gate for your home, whilst being reassured it's strong and durable.
Automatic Gates Cardiff
Metal Gates
Automated Gates Cardiff Strong and durable
Automated Gates Cardiff Very little maintenance involved
Automated Gates Cardiff Wide range of designs and finishes
Automatic Gates Cardiff Works as a great deterrent
Automatic Gates Cardiff
Timber Gates
Automated Gates Cardiff Aesthetically pleasing design
Automated Gates Cardiff Sturdy and hard-wearing timber
Automated Gates Cardiff Treated for durability and strength
Automatic Gates Cardiff Wide range of finishes available
Sliding or swinging gate automation?
How you automate your driveway gate may well be dependent on your property and the space you have available to you.
Each have their unique advantages, however both are a great option for automating your driveway gate.
Automatic Gates Cardiff
Sliding Gates
Automated Gates Cardiff Compact where space is limited
Automated Gates Cardiff The strongest gate design
Automated Gates Cardiff Almost impossible to force open
Automatic Gates Cardiff Can be extremely quiet
Automatic Gates Cardiff
Swinging Gates
Automated Gates Cardiff Wide range of operators
Automated Gates Cardiff Ram, articulate arm or underground
Automated Gates Cardiff Cost effective options available
Automated Gates Cardiff Existing gates can be automated
How to control your automated gate
The beauty of automation is the control it grants the user. Whether your gate is metal or timber, sliding or swinging, there are a number of control methods you can use to open or close your gate - alongside options we can install for safety purposes.
Cardiff Home Security
Automatic Gates Cardiff
Gate Intercom
Intercom comes in a number of forms, usually found in either audio or video variations - allowing you to either hear your visitors through a handset, or also view who is at your gate with a built-in camera and monitor.
Automated Gates Cardiff
Wireless Keyfob
A wireless keyfob can be teamed-up with
a number of options to provide you with ease of use when entering your home. Simply point the keyfob at the gate to open. They handy keyfob is compact and can easily be kept on a keyring.
Automated Gates Cardiff
Detection Beams
We can also offer a range of detection beams that can be tailored to your home to grant entry based on proximity. Breaking the beam triggers the gate to open. The beams can also be used in safety to avoid closing when blocked.
Automated Gates Cardiff
Safety Features
We have a range of safety features that can be built into your gate to ensure it is safe to use and to avoid injury. Items include emergency open buttons, anti-crushing safety strips and safety detection beams.
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