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Home Alarms Cardiff
Home Security Cardiff Home Alarms Cardiff Cardiff Home Security Home Security Cardiff
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Home Alarms Cardiff
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Home Alarms Cardiff
Your security in the palm of your hand, wherever you are in the world
Keep an eye on your home security from anywhere in the world with a Protectorcomms home alarm. Thanks to the very latest in alarm technology, simply connect your smartphone to your intruder alarm system via a handy App and you're ready to control your security from anywhere, from Cardiff to the other side of the world.
Home Alarms Cardiff
No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet
connection you can control your home alarm back in Cardiff
Alarms Cardiff
Login from your smartphone and you'll have control of your home alarm. Simply arm, disarm or adjust your settings at the touch of a button.
Burglar Alarms Cardiff
"Smartphone control allows you to
adjust your home alarm anywhere,
making it more effective."
Protectorcomms Installation Engineer
Arm and disarm with a touch of a button
From the app you can connect, arm and disarm your home alarm as well as control a number of features to ensure your home and family
are protected at all times, no matter if you're at work, out for lunch or even abroad on holiday.
Cardiff Home Security
Home Alarms Cardiff Alarms Cardiff Home Alarms Cardiff Home Alarms Cardiff
Arm and disarm your home alarm for peace of mind
Traditional alarms required pin codes to be accessed during the day to either arm, or disarm your home alarm. When you're on the go it can be easy to forget these steps to protect your home when you're away - but not anymore. Our app integrates into your daily routine with ease. Most of us never leave the house without our phone, so you're in control wherever you are in the world.
Burglar Alarms Cardiff
Kids home from school early? Simply log in, disarm your home alarm and let them in safely.
All your controls are there for you at the touch of a button, whenever you need them.
Burglar Alarms Cardiff
We can even set individual security zones - allowing you even more control of what your home alarm is protecting.
We can split upstairs and downstairs, or even protect your garage with extra detectors.
Home Alarms Cardiff
"Have to say Protectorcomms have fitted a new alarm and CCTV system in
our business. What a professional and quality service. Credit when due! Your
product knowledge and staff are outstanding! 10 out of 10 would so recommend."
Home Alarm Cardiff Mr Anderson, Newport
Home Alarms Cardiff
Do you need advice? Our engineers are able to help.
Our engineers have more than 30 years of combined experience.
Home Alarm Cardiff CALL OUR FRIENDLY SPECIALISTS ON 029 2088 2833
Home Alarms Cardiff
Home Security Cardiff
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Home Security Cardiff Home Security Cardiff Home Security Cardiff Home Alarms Cardiff Cardiff Home Alarms Home Alarms Cardiff Home Security Cardiff
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