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Home Alarms Cardiff
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Home Alarms Cardiff
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Top tips to protecting your home
Here at Protectorcomms Ltd we take home security and your protection seriously. With this we have put together a number of top tips that you can use to ensure that your property is protecting what matters most.
Home Security Cardiff
There is a number of security measure that can be easily implemented to your home to ensure that you are fully protected
Cardiff Home Alarms
Here at Protectorcomms we have put together some tips to better protect you home - we are here to help if you require further information contact our team of home security specialists.
Alarms Cardiff
5 tips for protecting your home
We can help you to ensure that you your home and your loved ones are protected at all times.
1. Security lighting
Installing security lighting such as flood lights and along with low wattage lights can offer the perfect method to deter any burglars. A well lit home and garden leaves no dark areas, ensuring that there are no shadows to hide in, leaving the burglars feeling exposed.
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3. Fencing
A fence can act as a range of different security measures, not only acting as a deterrent but also providing a perimeter in which you can use a CCTV system to monitor the activity in your garden and home. Along with an alarm a fence can provide you the protecting you need.
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5. Protecting outbuildings
Keeping sheds and outbuildings in good condition will ensure that they are more difficult to break into, this means that criminals can be deterred as they will be looking for easy targets.

To further the protection OF your home, you could have an alarm installed to alert you or even a neighbour.
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2. Knowing your neighbours
In some communities crime tends to be lower, this is often because neighbours are more likely to look out for each other if them know each other well. This can also more it easier to spot a stranger. With a number of eyes watching over your home you are better protected. However in a lot of cases you might not have a close neighbour, in which case alarm monitoring may provide you with the perfect security solution to protect you 24/7.
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4. Curtains on windows
Installing curtains to windows on outbuildings such as sheds and also on basement windows will ensure that the items that are stowed away in them are protected further as outsiders aren't able to see the contents easily. With use of a break glass detector can greatly help with this and can ensure that your home and items remain safe.
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6. Home CCTV Monitoring
To further the protection OF your home, you could have an alarm installed to alert you or even a neighbour.
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Your local security specialists
For more information on how to fully protect your home
please contact our team of home security specialists
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Home Security Cardiff
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Home Security Cardiff Home Security Cardiff Home Security Cardiff Home Alarms Cardiff Cardiff Home Alarms Home Alarms Cardiff Home Security Cardiff
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